Auto place automotive repair - plus a tire, rim and wheel shop
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Remember - Autoplace is Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley's total auto repair, car,truck and SUV repair, maintenance and service shop. We also have a full parts department - we stock or can order in - tires,brakes,brake pads,kelowna,auto repair,shocks,struts,coils,bolts,lug nuts,chrome lug nuts,kelowna,auto repair,starters,alternators, alternator belts,fan belts,power steering belts,kelowna,auto repair,oxygen sensors,exhaust parts,mufflers,catalytic converters,kelowna,auto repair,transmission fluid,radiator fluid,antifreeze,brake fluid,synthetic oil, kelowna,auto repair,wind-shield wiper blades,wiper blades,blades,rear wiper blades,kelowna,auto repair,cv joints,ball joints,steering components,performance mufflers,kelowna,auto repair,performance air filters, air filters,kelowna,auto repair,lube,computer chips,performance computer chips,spacers,torsion bars,kelowna,auto repair,wind shield wiper fluid
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250 860-8885 CALL any day from 7:30am - 6:00pm 
118  -  1755 Springfield Rd. Kelowna
AutoPlace Open 7 days a week
Open on Sunday 9am - 2 pm 
118 1755 Springfield Rd Call 250 860-8885     
AutoPlace  Open 7 days a week
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